What makes hot forging meaningful and relevant today? Is hot forging just an romantic idea or is there metal that tell us something about our contemporary life? The Documentary film “Blacksmith in the 21:st century” enlightens some of the most skilled blacksmiths in Sweden and their work. The documentary is based on the blacksmiths reflections that takes us into the depths of culture and identity.

Starring Liss Annika Södersröm, Bengt Gustafsson, Tore Svensson, Per Alnaeus, Andreas Nobel and Gustav Thane.
Extra material
6 hours of interviews with the smithies.
Produced by Gustav Thane
Filming and cutting by Maja Karlsson
Music by Ida Malkolmsson
The DVD is still only in Swedish but if you are interested please send me an e-mail and it would motivate me to translate it faster.